Friday 25 November 2011

You're in Luck

If you want to gain attention for your message, compel the receiver to act now. Make it is simple, relevant and impactful on both the right and left parts of the brain. I hope you will also get someone on your Black Friday and holiday shopping lists something at today.

Monday 21 November 2011

Commercial Break. We'll be right back

Watching ESPN on my iPad has led to extreme agitation and frustration, because I can't see the commercials. Yes, you heard correctly - ads are a key role in my experience.  With my changed viewing context, broadcasters, advertisers and brands need to tackle new insights in order to meet my needs.

Self  Determination
Context:  I've chosen to watch ESPN Football via my iPad app
Insight: I'm enjoying the novelty and the complete control to watch it on my terms
Need: Acknowledge me 

Context: The screen is c. 12 inches from my face, I'm not doing anything else
Insight:  I want to be entertained, I'm open to a message  
Need: Stimulate me, entertain me

Inertia and Anticipation
Context: Exiting the app is a hassle, and I don't know when the game will will restart
Insight: I feel a bit stuck, I don't want to miss the next play, I guess i will just wait for you
Need: Entertain me, reassure me

Okay so on ocassions  you get a ticker..........or a static graphic....

 Stop Press: Read more here where it was reported in April that ESPN would have the technology in August ready to serve ads ....on the iPad


Monday 7 November 2011

its the tingle of the bubbles...

..."on my tongue and the cool blast of refreshment....Ahhh, my thirst quenched". A story that  delights me, and I want to hear when I buy a Sprite at Mcdonalds!

....By pushing the envelope beyond the norm McDonalds gained a little more attention and a hint of brand love by doing this.....
...."Its those moments I crave. My Time to indulge...." amazing how you can improve the consumer experience by using the space on the disposable cup just that little bit more creatively.... If on the other hand your focus is for that caffiene hit, well, this all might pass you by as marketing blah blah....


Thursday 3 November 2011

Re: HxHxH = #Lovemark - an apology

I put this idea out without a good explanation...Better now ?

  • H1 = Head: its what you THINK about a brand or collection of brands, perhaps interested and aware of some more than others. This is dangerous territory for a brand - as on the journey to a choice the consumer can easily be swayed by logic, price, time, convenience, competition,out of stocks, bad service..... and all other sorts of everyday distraction. 
  • H2  = Heart: its how you FEEL  about a brand...a huge step forward, because this is where you find the brands you love, those you simply cant live without...and lead you to.....
  • H3 = Hands: its what you DO with your... money/wallet/purse/credit card/time/attention... And because your so loyal you cant really explain why you do what you do, you can't justify why you upgraded to the new IPhone model, why you have the ltd edition version of the coffee maker, why you payed $150 to see Sade. 3 nights in a row !....Well not in a rational way........Those, unfortunately are symptoms of a #Lovemark as defined by Kevin Roberts work at