Saturday 16 October 2010


a simple show of support to raise awareness of a disease that has touched my family and many more.


Thursday 14 October 2010

Cereal Dissonance

In search of a new breakfast cereal brand experience I opted for the eloquent yet mysterious sounding  - Product 19 (by Kellogg's).  It seemed a plausible substitute to Kellogg's Special K, which continues to cause  serial dissonance when I purchase  it - in the same way that lip balm, and moisturiser causes agitation and frustration that male targeted options remain few and far between.....Anyway, while I haven't actually opened the box yet,  I am enamoured with the claim of  "Live Better. Live 19".....(  years beyond expectation perhaps...)
Stop Press .... after a closer inspection of the front cover I discover a yoga lady subtly blended into the artwork....and then low and behold I notice the 80's-esque  cycle lady on the back I guess I was naive ..where is the (adult) male cereal in grocery  stores ????