Thursday, 30 December 2010

#YearInReview - Brand Curious: most read posts of 2010

 In case you missed some of them,  here are your favourite posts this year:
  1. a review of the must have social media marketing book Wikipedia + Mentor + Superpower = #micromktg
  2. My unshakable relationship with a coffee brand Loyalty beyond reason = Nespresso
  3. Product innovation of the year candidate ?? Free #Summermash IPhone Bumper
  4. The catwalk comes to the nappy (diaper) category the war of nappies
  5. A simple and effective brand refresh  How to refresh brand equity without alienating your audience
  6. Comeback brand of the year  How #oldspice rescued 30' ads
  7. The best Christmas ad bar none this year Hyundai vs #Pamplamoose = outlandish soundclash
  8. A must read marketing rant The trouble with swatting flies
  9. Delightful US (football) world cup coverage ESPN world cup so far so good
  10. Hmmm.... already out of date Twitter tips ! Twitter 101 smart twips and top links


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Xmas 2010 Ad of the year: Hyundai vs #Pamplamoose = outlandish soundclash

Love it. Quite possibly the most emotive, engaging and irreverant TVC's of the year.... Great work by the brand, the band and of course the agency and production company Innocean Worldwide Americas and Lemonade Media.

Enjoy all 3 of them.