Sunday 26 September 2010

(the trouble with) Swatting Flies

Isn't it curious that the harder you try to swat a fly the more it seems to anticipate your movements and preempt your action?

Marketing buzzwords are plentiful, but when I heard the 'attention war' during a presentation by James Andrews (aka the key influencer) my ears pricked up, and I found myself exonerated from defending the status quo.

  • What if you reverse your brand strategies to focus on being found rather than incessantly trying to find people ?
  • What if you work only on tactics that elicit discovery and not tactics designed to interrupt ?
  • What if instead of trying to out-do your competition you simply out-do yourself over and over and over again by delighting only a minuscule group of consumers?
  • Why try ever harder to combat 'attention attrition' ? What if you just listened more to find out where people are spending their time ? how about an act of generosity - by helping them have more of that precious time.
Wouldn't that be ample reason to reward you with a little more attention?


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