Sunday 7 February 2010

SuperBowl 44 Ads - The first Top 5 winners

So here we go....

1. MOST LIKELY TO DRIVE CONSIDERATION: ! Never heard of them before, and now I have 'binged' them (c'mon google is getting all the attention) !
2. MOST FUNNY: Car Max/Doritos - great use of humour and making the drama about the product benefit that consumers love them for.
3. MOST ON EQUITY: VW – totally on their US equity with an irreverent attempt to bring alive their relevance. The use of Stevie and Tracy Morgan was the twist you weren’t expecting that left a little twinkle in the eye. I would love to see this aired in Germany - its just so different they wouldn’t have a clue.
4. MOST TALKED ABOUT: Google, clearly a grown up ad going for the “mega brand”/”epic “ ad – that would elevate their brand as market leader.
- I felt I knew where the story was going and where it was going to end – so the question for me is authenticity Was it really authentic ?
5. MOST EFFECTIVE PLACEMENT: Doritos (Gym) 30 sec ad after a Saints Interception you deserve that piece of luck if you go after so many spots.
Your comments please.


  1. My head is still really so I can't honestly give a clear winner at this time. However when I saw the Vizio spot I must say I thought it was great for the brand. It almost redefined the TV and made me grossly aware of their products capabilities. They really showed a lot of things you like about the web and cleverly crammed it into tv sets.

    To add to the smart advertising, Vizio actually became a trending topic onTwitter! To me a brand couldn't ask for much more. Mind you they became a trending topic during the SBowl with millions of people online Tweeting! What a major coup!!!

    So although it wasn't the funniest spot, which a lot of advertising people equate with advertising success, it achieved major online mentions and probably garnered a lot of brand recall. The hands down winner seemingly at this time.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comments, at the time to me the most memorable was the Google spot, it felt like the one with the biggest idea. The way you descibe it I will definately take another look at that Vizio ad....and yes my head is also spinning..a tv ad free day for me tomorrow.