Wednesday 22 February 2012

Pinterest - one simple tip to avoid faliure

If you are (or know) a stressed [business owner/brand/agency/marketer/online strategist/social media get the point] driven by the fear and panic of missing out on the next BIG thing that is the Pinterest bandwagon, today I offer you escape from failure via one simple tip.  

TIP: BEFORE you DO anything, ask yourself the question - is the brand I'm 'pinning' a lovemark? ...I suspect your answer is no/not take a look at my personal list of #lovemark brands (below) and hundreds more - curated at  lovemarkscampus

Immerse in the stories, exercise your right brain.   Have the courage to tell [yourself/Director/CEO/VP/Manager/yourself] .........why you're not doing something with Pinterest right now.  Because you've got fundamental strategic stuff to take care of first....right ?



Tortured Soul



Chocolate Sushi

Cubanitas - Milwaukee


Hong Kong - Taxis
Hong Kong - Langham Place Hotel

My Life


Manchester United

P.S. if your answer was yes....will it be tomorrow ?

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