Monday 24 August 2009

No more crumbles…a simple way to loyalty

No more crumbled Nutrigrain bars for me ! I’m ecstatically buying them at the moment, because they have a promotion – that provides the perfect solution to my perennial squashed snack problem. For years now, when I’m on my travels I have been forced to develop makeshift solutions (eg placing them in my glasses case) to avoid the snack time disaster of a flattened, crumbled, ‘squished’ bar.

The ‘on the go’ carrier is free (with 3 tokens from purchase). I know what you’re thinking …and no despite the fact this piece reads like a press release absolutely no remuneration has been provided by Kellogg’s. This is simply the celebration and joy of a marketeer who just loves it when a brand finds such a simple and emotive way to positively surprise me and solve my problems. By doing this they strengthen their relationship with me, and make me that little bit more loyal, and less likely to buy an own label substitute.

NB Now my only dismay will be if it takes the full 90 days for me to receive it !

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